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Bitcoin News
Jul 13, 2018
Markets and Prices

With seemingly endless new altcoins claiming that they will change the world whilst generating exorbitant returns for investors, it can be highly informative to sometimes get a bird’s eye view of longer-term altcoin performance by digging through the annals of Coinmarketcap’s historic snapshots. When looking at a historic snapshot from May 12th, 2013, by far the best cryptocurrency purchase one could have made was bitcoin.

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BTC Top Performing Market Since May 12th, 2013

According to the snapshot , bitcoin had a market capitalization of just 1.293 billion on the 12th of May, 2012. Back then, the circulating supply was just over half of it maximum total, with approximately 11.14 million coins in circulation.

The price was just $116.07 USD, however, had just gained by approximately 40% in ten days – with the bounce comprising a recovering rally following the fallout from the early-2013 bubble that saw many Cypriots charge into the bitcoin markets seeking refuge from the harsh structural adjustment policies imposed by the European Union and International Monetary Fund.

Of all fourteen cryptocurrency markets listed on Coinmarketcap on May 12, 2013, bitcoin has since far outperformed its rivals, gaining by approximately 7175% in the last five years.

Of the markets listed on the 2013 snapshot, Litecoin is by far the altcoin with the largest market capitalization today (approximately $7.94 billion as of this writing). At the time of the snapshot, the then second largest cryptocurrency had a total market capitalization of just $59.1 million, and a circulating supply of roughly 17.5 million.

At the current prices of roughly $140.55, LTC has made gains of 4,083% during five years. Whilst Litecoin’s market dominance has since eroded, LTC is still the sixth largest cryptocurrency by market cap – making it the best performing altcoin from May 12, 2013.

The third highest performing crypto market since the snapshot is the then twelfth largest by market cap, Ixcoin . At the time of the snapshot, Ixcoin was priced at approximately $0.015. With IXC current trading for $0.193096, Ixcoin’s value has inflated by 1177% in the last 5 years. IXC’s capitalization has grown from $191,294 to approximately $4 million, ranking it 677th by market cap.

At the time of the snapshot, Peercoin was the third largest market by capitalization (approximately $4.72 million), with PPC trading for roughly $0.25. Currently priced at $2.56, PPC has since gained 924%. Peercoin has been among the most enduring of May 2013’s crypto markets, currently comprising the 198th largest market with a capitalization of $63.3 million.

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The NYC-based fast-casual brand will add 20 new locations over the next two years

by Kayla Kumari Upadhyaya
Share By Chloe Plots Global Vegan Domination With $31 Million Investment
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By Chloe is about to spread its Instagrammable vegan food all over the world. According to Moneyish , the rapidly expanding vegan fast-casual hit is opening 20 new locations in the U.S., Europe, and the Middle East. The company received $31 million in funding from various investment groups to make the global expansion plan happen.

By Chloe

Samantha Wasser , the creative director of hospitality titan ESquared , co-founded By Chloe with celebrity vegan chef Chloe Coscarelli in 2015. After a lengthy lawsuit, Coscarelli split with ESquared in 2017, but ESquared maintained the company and restaurant name. In addition to various salads and bowls, the restaurant dishes out vegan takes on burgers, barbecue, meatballs, and mac and cheese in a fast-casual setting. The brand also makes vegan sweets and rolled out brunch at all of its current locations, adding breakfast at some NYC shops. There are even vegan dog treats.

Samantha Wasser ESquared

The first location is in West Village, and the place quickly flooded Instagram feeds with its brightly colored foods and space when it opened in 2015. (According to Moneyish , Wasser designs her restaurants with online influencers in mind.) It’s like a vegan Shake Shack in its fast-casual service model, but it also has a touch of Black Tap , another rapidly expanding NYC chain that makes food creations specifically to go viral .

Now, there are 10 By Chloe locations sprinkled throughout NYC, Boston, LA, Providence, and London. It made its international debut in London last February, and more locations are plotted for London, Dubai, and Canada thanks to the hefty investment sum the company just received. The two-year expansion plan will add 20 new locations, including in Boston on Boylston Street and in London’s Tower Bridge neighborhood. One NYC outpost will be in South Street Seaport , and NYC may get a dose of other locations, too.

Quest for Health KC

Kristen Stuppy, MD, FAAP

It happens all the time. Kids put things in their mouth that aren’t supposed to be eaten. Parents often call after their child swallowed a toy piece, a coin, and many other things. Most of the time things will just pass — though I’m not a fan of watching the stools for the swallowed object because it just worries parents if they miss it.

Who swallows non-food things?

The biggest risk group is children between the ages of 6 months and 6 years, but anyone can be at risk.

I have seen an older school aged child swallow a magnet after putting 2 small strong magnets on either side of their tongue to look like a tongue piercing.

Even adults have been known to swallow things such as needles – sewers put the needle in their mouth if you think about it.

If you are around kids it is a good idea to know child CPR and refresh your skills every couple years.

Classes are often held at local Red Cross stations, hospitals, or fire departments.

You can also find classes by searching “CPR” and your zip code.

For great information on signs and symptoms of choking and general treatment of choking, visit this Little Blue House Mens Moose Boxer Briefs Hatley Footaction Online wqpS2D7

Store medicines and cleaning products where kids can’t reach them.

Be especially alert when visiting other people’s homes – especially if they don’t have young children.

Watch kids carefully when outside.

Throw away broken toys that could have pieces break off.

Keep young kids away from toys designed for older kids.

If your child seems to put more non-food items in his mouth than other kids, he is at risk of pica .

Pica is when a person compulsively puts non-foods in his mouth. For more see the KidsHealth Pica link .

Always keep the poison control number (1-800-222-1222) stored in all your phones!

If you call me about a potentially toxic substance, chances are I will refer to poison control. They have the best database of substance risks and their treatments.

Don’t delay treatment by calling the doctor!

Balloons are statistically some of the most inhaled or ingested foreign bodies.

One reason is they are so popular with kids. Young kids often will try to bite them.

They often are found at parties or other large crowds, where toddlers and young children are often less directly supervised.

Call 911 if there is any difficulty breathing, drooling, or other signs of distress. This can mean the balloon was inhaled into the lungs, not swallowed.

If swallowed, they will pass on their own.

Keep balloons away from young children and supervise school aged kids when around balloons.

If you think your child has swallowed a battery, whether or not he appears distressed, immediately take him to an emergency room.

If there is distress, call 911.

Batteries can cause voltage burns or leak, causing acidic burns as soon as four hours after being swallowed.

By Rebecca Dana

What is gravitas? And why does it kick in at nightfall?

Gravitas lurks at the heart of the concentric speculation about Katie Couric’s television future: Should she leave Today for the CBS Evening News ? Should the Evening News want her to?

inRead invented by Teads

It’s one thing to be the most successful morning news anchor. Being an evening news anchor is something else—something more … grave? More Latinate?

Ms. Couric lacks it, by various accounts, because of her legs or her boyfriends or her perky giggle. An evening news anchor is a different kind of person than that.

“It is essentially a chauvinistic word,” Connie Chung said.

Ms. Chung was on the wrong end of gravitas in 1993, when CBS dropped her in to co-anchor the Evening News with Dan Rather, then yanked her out again two years later.

Delicacy prevented Ms. Chung, reached by the phone while vacationing in Boca Raton, Fla., from putting her anatomical definition of “gravitas” on the record.

“It is a posture,” she said instead. “They’re posturing.”

But it’s a posture that has worked. Industry types are vague about what constitutes gravitas, but an informal poll suggests it involves some combination of gray hair and a baritone voice. And that timbre of authority would rule out half the population.

“I have to say that I thought—in fact, I was so sure of my cocky little self, going back 10 years—I thought that by now there would be a sole female anchor of one of the network evening news shows,” said 60 Minutes correspondent Lesley Stahl. “Not a partner, but a sole female anchor. Because I had assumed that we had arrived.”

In fact, for all the hubbub about Ms. Couric’s plans, there is already a solo female anchor: ABC’s Elizabeth Vargas, left alone on the World News Tonight desk after the wounding of her co-anchor, Bob Woodruff, in Iraq. But Ms. Vargas is another in the long line of perceived anchor lites—and one scheduled to go out on maternity leave to boot.

Last summer, before Ms. Vargas was named co-anchor, New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd asked a television executive if the candidate had what it took for the role. “I know this is going to sound really sexist,” he told Ms. Dowd, who wrote about the conversation in December, “but if there were another 9/11, I’m not sure if she has the gravitas to hold that anchor chair.”

“It’s one of those pop terms that’s thrown around, and nobody knows exactly what it means,” said Judy Woodruff, the former broadcast correspondent and CNN anchor, who now works for PBS. “To me, it means: Who do you believe when they tell you what is going on in the world?”



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